The New Experience

I feel like I am waiting for the moment, when the upbeat music starts to play, I go on a fast-paced run, I get my hair blow-dryed, my nails painted a ‘new’ colour, and I suddenly feel settled. Before I left, people warned me that moving to Brussels would be difficult. I ignored that but I discovered it was true during my first week. Difficult is actually the wrong word; it is strange; to suddenly live in a new place, know nobody and nothing.

By my second day in Brussels, I thought I had already killed it. I organised a 9am appointment at the bank to open a bank account, then I was going to the post office, buy a large envelope to send a package to my mum and pick up some stamps. My positivity was short lived. When the bank manager swiftly told me that I could not open a bank account, I am not married to my partner, I do not have a job, therefore no work contract, the flat tenancy is not in my name and I was not registered as a citizen in Brussels or has he swiftly put it, “you are a nothing”. My eyes filled with water and I did everything to stop myself from bursting into tears. Can you imagine. This guy has just started work for the day and his first customer (or nobody) starts sobbing. I grabbed all my papers, my passport, my driving licence, the documents I have that show I am a European Citizen and ran out of the building before I the tears left my eyes. As I walked down Avenue Louise, certain that I would be successful on my next venture at the post office, I cried. I did not know why I was crying but I cried. I wanted to call somebody, my mum, James, my friends but I could not, because I did not have a phone, *smile*.

The post office was not a success, they do not sell envelopes at the post office here, therefore I could not post my package! I decided to head to Zara which I passed on the high street and got lost. Finally found Zara – some retail therapy ensued – got advice on where to buy envelopes and I started my mission back to the post office. By lunch, I had successfully posted the package and brought stamps. Surprising that such a menial task could be so complicated.

The next day was a dry day. Pretty pleased after crying once on Monday and several times on Tuesday. I decided to let go of trying to organise everything and passed the reigns over to the relocation service.




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