As James works and I am yet to make any friends, I spend a lot of time alone. Perhaps more than I envisaged I would before I arrived.

Thank you to the lovely man who gave us the internet, for free, the people who developed WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype all of which we can use for free and to the man we all know invented Facebook and allows us to stay in touch with our friends around the world, for free.

For with these, I do not feel alone. I have been able to stay connected, part of the ongoing conversation and I know this has made my short time here so far, more comfortable. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), will, I am sure kick-in, perhaps when I miss the first party (like my dear friend’s upcoming birthday celebrations) or an impromptu great night at the pub.

As my first few days passed by, I was looking forward to the weekend. I was getting a little bored of myself. It was strange not to WhatsApp my best friends and find out what the weekend plans were. My relationship with James was long-distance for over two years, which meant I had lots of time to see my friends. I am used to our brief weekend visits that were full of friends, family and parties and here, in Brussels, expats together, we had a weekend ahead with no plans. It was fantastic! On Sunday, James played squash with JC and I was alone again (not for very long) but it is those moments, when you are an Expat that you miss your friends, miss having plans, catching up & talking rubbish.


Dear Friends,

You are everywhere. I have your lovely messages and pretty faces scattered all over my new home.

Lots of Love,


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  1. Liv says:

    Dear Lovely Friend,

    We Miss You!


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