Fishy Tacos and Slippery Nails

Last Saturday was my one-week Brussels Anniversary as James and I arrived very late on 02 January 2016. Something to celebrate. I also wanted to celebrate my newfound culinary skills. Having searched through Jamie Oliver’s newest book Superfood , I decided to make his “Tasty Fish Tacos“. Honestly, chosen for the limited preparation required, comprehensible ingredients and the simplicity of the recipe.

Saturday was a great day. After months of shopping for furniture, we finally agreed on what dining chairs to buy. Only problem with the chairs… they needed to be built. I tasked James and JC to make the chairs while I prepared dinner.

Firstly, I made sure I had an ice-cold glass of white wine: my sous-chef.


The recipe is really easy to follow, no point repeating it here. The Red Cabbage Salad is delicious; I added a little more red wine vinegar and coriander than suggested because I love those flavours. I also added an extra chilli to the Salsa as I like my food HOT – if you add too much, you always have the yogurt to cool down your mouth.

Jamie advises using White Fish. My knowledge of fish, French and Dutch are not great – so I have no idea what fish we ate but it was perfect. Perfect being tasty and not too fishy.

The homemade Tacos were a little floury. As I am new to cooking, I have not honed some of the basic skills such as rolling dough. The dough kept sticking to the rolling pin and my hands. In order to get the shape I needed, I had to keep flouring my worktop, the rolling pin and my hands. I, perhaps showing the novice that I am, expected the flour to vanish from the Tacos when cooked. It did not. Anyway, the Tacos, once filled, were so juicy and tasty that I did not notice the flour.

Homemade Tacos/Tortillas will now be a must for me: cheaper, tastier and a lot healthier than the shop brought ones I normally purchase.

Any tips on how to roll dough/remove flour welcome. Please comment below.

Making them work for their supper

As advised, the food was ready within Jamie’s time estimate of 35 minutes… the boys did not even finish one chair. They were full of excuses about fiddly screws and slippery nails. After dinner, they finished their one chair each.

Chair review: 2/8

Food review: 9/10

So on Monday, I built the other six chairs… with ease.

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