La Quincaillerie Brasserie

I have heard they call it the best seafood restaurant in Ixelles, Brussels. I am yet to be able to give it that label, until I have, of course, tried every seafood restaurant in the area.

I thoroughly enjoyed a belated birthday celebration at La Quincaillerie in September last year. The restaurant was recommended to James by a colleague. At the time, he was living in Hotels and I was just visiting for the purpose of buying furniture to furnish our new home. It was a lovely surprise to spend the evening here, especially after six hours in Ikea.

A big group arrived just in front of us so we had to wait a little moment to be seated, which gave us the perfect opportunity to absorb the unique decor. The building was once an ironmongery and they have kept the restaurant authentic to the building’s roots. Here are some snaps that I took on my phone but if you pop over to TripAdvisor or the restaurant’s website you will get a better idea.

We were taken up stairs and seated on the surrounding balcony. From here, you have a full view of the hustle and bustle of the restaurant but also some welcome privacy. It was not an ideal table for James as he “isn’t great” with heights but I loved it!! Best seat in the house.

The room has it’s very own seduction.

The menu was fantastic – a full range of seafood and classic French dishes.

In case you cannot read the above, it writes “We are happy to be able to give our guests an authentic and warm welcome. Founded in 1903 by a disciple of Victor Hugo, this former ironmongery has maintained its timeless charm and this special magic that make it an essential destination for many food lovers and personalities. This is a magic that we endeavour to cultivate each day so that each meal shall be a moment when time stops”.

Our selection:

Carpaccio of Belgian blue beef with pesto, rocket and Parmesan;

Hand sliced smoked salmon, onions, parsley, Bresse cream, toasted campagne bread;

Beef tartar prepare, homemade French fries (MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE MEAL);

and Crab from Brittany.

Time did stop.

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