Home Comforts

Throughout my childhood, my family and I would travel the long car journey to the Alps every Winter and Corsica every Summer. These trips were fuelled by pit-stops for snacks at French petrol stations. I will never understand why, but I always craved Salt & Vinegar crisps on these trips. Oh no, I know why I craved them, because I could not have them! I looked every year, with hope, for Salt & Vinegar crisps and with each year – great disappointment. What really agitated me was that the French Petrol Stations sold every other possible flavour of Pringles.

From visiting James in Vienna, I knew that, I could probably find anything I wanted somewhere in Brussels and if not, home really is not that far away. You may have to hunt out a specialist store and it may be a little more expensive, but it is possible.

Regardless, I wanted to make sure I had my home comforts to get me started.

The first essential was marmite. In my first week, when everything was not going as perfectly as I had imagined, cuddling up on the floor (because our sofa still has not been delivered) with a cup of tea and toast with a thick layer of butter, drizzled in marmite was perfection. I get that same feeling when I spread my favourite peanut butter on toast in the morning and last night, when I cooked my first ever lamb chop and I smothered it in Colman’s mint sauce.

Even more exciting, my mum visited at the weekend and she brought haggis & turnips. Bring on burns.



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