Feeling French


In these freezing temperatures (mostly -6), I have been walking around the city fully wrapped-up and topped with my sparkly black beret. I conjure up French sentences in my head ready for use at any moment, yet in every shop when I muster my best “Bonjour”, I am repeatedly responded to in English. There is no escaping it. I must have a terrible accent.

Last week, a French couple approached James and asked him for directions, which he was able to give fully and in perfect French. I was so jealous. I remember hearing (probably by some trashy TV programme or movie) that if you move to a new city and someone asks you for directions in the language then YOU HAVE MADE IT, you are a local.

Well, I suppose he has been here a few more months than me…

After a successful conversation in French at the local Italian Deli last week, I was inspired, feeling oh so la la la, I decided to make French Onion Soup – plus we had loads of onions at home. On my way home, I was approached by a young guy asking me for directions in French. I completely froze. Not only did I not understand him, I had no idea where the street he was looking for was. He just simply said, “English?” which I responded to by informing him that I have only just moved to Brussels. So, I have not quite mastered my French, but I did master French Onion Soup…

The onions smelt so sweet as they sweated away.

We brought our pans from Jamie Oliver’s collaboration with Tefal and they are fantastic. We are still abiding by the golden rules of “pan care” and avoiding the dishwasher.

I used the recipe from Sam Stern’s student cookbook. Just a tip, when you pour the stock into the pan, do it slowly, or it literally flows into the pan and straight out the other side – apparently. 

Garnished with some parsley and of course accompanied by some cheesy toasted bread. I used grated Gruyere – the smell is strong but the taste is perfect. Top tip: toast the bread before putting in the grill with the cheese as this ensures that the bottom is not soggy.



I hate soggy bottoms.


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  1. Rory Catchpole says:

    Love it. xx


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