Great British

There is nothing like comfort food. I have always loved cottage pie but I hate mashed potato. It is the texture. It is probably best I keep my description of mashed potato to myself, save as to say “yuk”. This sadly means that I must avoid cottage pie and disappointingly also mince pie at every occasion – because it comes slathered in the evil stuff. Until one day, when James made me my very own special cottage pie, with sliced potato on top *genius*.

So I decided – seeing as I am now cooking regularly – it was my turn to make my very British favourite.

My Mum was driving from London to visit and I wanted to make a lovely hearty meal for her arrival. Some good old Great British food. Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s recipe book Jamie’s Great Britain, I selected my menu.

Cottage Pie

What I have learnt about cooking over these past three weeks, is that learning to cook, is like learning anything – you have to read the manual – or in this case the recipe book. Oh and also keep an eye on your cooking. Unfortunately, that was how I slightly burnt the Leek & Potato soup the first time made it.  FYI burnt soup is unpalatable.

And then to follow…

Apple Crumble 

Why did nobody ever tell me how easy it is to make?

I followed a recipe for the filling but I used this helpful video to get me to perfect my crumble making technique. It was really easy and it came together so quickly. I also mixed  some ground almond into the crumble for extra flavour, I recommend it.


The meal was enjoyed by all; the boys had two portions of the Cottage Pie each. My Mum was pretty pleased too.

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