Brunch in Brussels No. 1

Venue No.1

Le Pain du Chatelain, Chatelain, Brussels

Open all-week, this is the ultimate place to go in Ixelles for breakfast, brunch and tea. Located close to our new home, I have been here quite a few times. Sometimes just to get myself out of the house.

Last tuesday, my mum and I strolled down here for a quick brunch. Mum had a Croque Madame and I had a Croque Monsieur. Supplemented by pots of earl grey tea. I was a bit nervous about ordering the Croque. Having been here before and being a creature of habit, I had already found something worth returning for in the smoked salmon bagel. I worry about trying something new, regardless of the restaurant. When I try something I love, something that sets my senses flying high, I want to relive that feeling every time I go back. I do not know what made me try something new, but what a good decision it was. The Croque was Scrummy. I know what I will be having next time.


Venue No. 2

La Crèmerie de la Vache, Saint-Gilles, Brussels

This spot is perfect all-day long. Located just off the main road, surrounded by some of the cities’ fantastic shops and only a short walk from the city centre. The downside – it is closed on Sundays (so are quite a few places here in Brussels)

I’ve been here for perfect eggs in the morning, a light yet tastebud flexing simple lunch (see below) and cake, scrumptious cake on the patio.

More to come… I’ve been brunching, I’ve been brunching.

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  1. Wow, I love your blog. It’s so beautifully done 😉

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