A little update

I cannot believe it is nearly February. I have almost been living in Brussels for one month. One month and I feel like I have achieved very little.

James and I have been together for over five years however we have lived apart for most of that and also in different countries. We wanted to live together and when a job opportunity for James in Brussels came up it seemed like the ideal location for us to live together. I had hoped that I would get a job here before I moved but that was not to be. I have been advised that due to the high level of competition for jobs in Brussels at all levels, it can take up to six months to find a job. Six months *sob*.

As many of you will know, in July 2014, I was Called to the Bar but that does not mean I can work as a barrister. I have to complete a pupilage in the UK. Competition for pupilage is high. I know this. I have tried for over two years to obtain a pupilage. I have come close but I have not *yet* been successful. People say things happen for a reason. I am still hopeful for my reason.

I am actively seeking employment here with all my fingers and toes crossed. I know it is not that simple. I am trying to make as many connections as possible, network and stay positive.ย There are difficult days, when the enthusiasm wanes and I take “Netflix and Chill” to a new level.

The good news is that I found a volunteer position in a charity working two days a week starting next week. This alongside my small tutoring role and my own French lessons will keep me busy. However, today, I have nothing on, nothing planned and I am taking advantage of it – even though it actually pains me to be lazy. Being lazy means Iโ€™ve done some washing up, sent two job applications and I watched a lot of Netflix.

Everyone advises me to enjoy this time and I promise, I am trying to enjoy this time but I need to be busy, which is one of the reasons why I started my blog. I want to be honest about the “ups & downs” of life as an expat, making the decision to move to be with my partner and trying to build a life/career abroad. I promise I am very happy.


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