That Sunday Feeling

How was your Sunday?

Did you start it feeling a bit jaded?

Or did you wake up fresh as a daisy?

Yeh, I woke up a little groggy yesterday morning too after going on a bit of a bar crawl after dinner with friends on Saturday night. The expedition’s purpose was to locate a good local place to take my girlfriends who are visiting next weekend. Their impeding visit is very important to me.

The low-to-mild hangover was soon eased by devouring a healthy brunch whilst watching the Australian Open final. We got off to a bumpy start trying to work of how to watch the match and also how to stream it in English – the struggles of being an expat. Thankfully JC downloaded some official sports App that was showing the game.

Last sunday morning however, was not so smooth. James and I were definitely feeling “worse for wear” after our Burn’s evening, which I am told means it was a successful evening. I managed to eat some cereal around lunchtime and James started his day off with the leftover Haggis. After several hours of lounging in front of the TV – on the floor because our sofa has still not been delivered – we managed to gather the energy to drive to MANHATTN’S on Avenue Louise.

Two delicious milkshakes while we wait for the buzzer, then off to the pick-up joint for our takeaway burgers and chips. Oh so good.

Of course, it is very important as an expat, actually just in general, to try the local cuisine of whatever city you find yourself but finding a good burger joint well, it’s up there.

Homemade brioche buns, grass-fed matured beef, real cheddar cheese (rare in Bruxelles) and of course hand-cut BELGIAN fries with a side of their special sauce. Really beats away those Chosen Bun cravings.

How and why do milkshakes and burgers go so well together?

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