One Saturday in Brussels

Last weekend, two of my best friends, Liv & Kate visited Brussels. They came to spend some time with me, visit my new home and explore the city. This meant, three best friends – overly excited and full of endorphins – running around. Poor James. What a man, what a man, what a mighty-mighty man.

The girls were able to get a good deal on the Eurostar and they arrived at 10am on Saturday morning. Feeling rather hung-over, James & I darted over to Gare du Midi to collect the girls and whisk them home for brunch. Alongside providing crisply soft fresh croissants, we also cooked some eggs and sausages. I went to Marks & Spencer in Brussels especially to purchase them – more for James & I than the girls as we were really missing a good ole English sausage.

Homemade Jam too

Full of food, the girls and I explored the city centre.

We could not help but pop-in to the TinTin shop – no photos allowed inside but it is worth visiting if you are a fan, it is like a mini museum.

Of course, there was an obligatory pit-stop for waffles. We all tried a Liege style waffle. Unlike the traditional Belgian waffle, it is stuffed full of large sugar cubes. We all found it a little too sweet.

Liege Waffles

After we had successfully stuffed our faces full of waffles we walked back to the flat for some “down” time.

The True Story

We pushed our faces against the windows of all the amazing cake and chocolate shops en-route. This particular shop, Pierre Marcolini is voted one of the best chocolate shops in Brussels.

We soon got tired and called James to pick us up *cheeky*.

We walked through the antique & flower market stalls at Sablon whilst we waited for our kind chauffeur.

The “down” time was rather short-lived as James rushed us to our local Irish Pub, Michael Collins to watch England’s first match in the Six Nations. We mainly went to keep James company as his buddy was out of town. For expats or even those visiting, Michael Collins pub is a great place to watch the rugby. The pub is full of people from around the world (mainly the UK &) and has a great atmosphere. Last year, James & I spent our first evening together in Brussels at the pub watching the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

I lived with Liv & Kate at University and they were fully aware of my lack-of culinary skills. As such, they were looking forward tasting one of my meals. This was honestly the first time I have properly cooked for them. It is the start of making up for the several scrumptious meals they have cooked for me.

I decided to make chicken tacos using the recipe for the Fishy Tacos but I substituted chicken instead of fish and made some homemade guacamole.

Whilst I cooked – with James as sous-chef – Liv & Kate got snappy pouring the champs.

A mighty fun day we had.

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  1. okitsmcg says:

    Still dreaming about that guacamole 😍. The best weekend. Missing you ! x


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