Time for a celebration 

You may have seen slipped into my last post, that I had job interviews here in Brussels. I did. I kept them a little bit secret. Why? Fear of failure.

In 2015, I faced a lot of rejection and it was hard. It was really hard when I got so close to success and missed-out. Sometimes, what makes rejection harder is sharing it with your family and friends. I am incredibly lucky, I have amazing parents in Mum and CG, a fantastic family, a supportive boyfriend and the bestest friends. I would like to add I also had the most encouraging old colleagues – ya’ll know who you are!! I shared with them my experiences. They know that I am trying hard to obtain a pupillage in the UK. They were excited for each application that I sent, every interview and second interview. They were there for me when the rejection came by email or post. With that, they shared my disappointment. Since I arrived in Brussels, I have been sending job application after job application. I was warned by “a professional career person in Brussels” that it could take me up to six months to find a job. Did this drive me? I don’t know – but it sure as hell scared me. I’m only here for two years and the prospect of spending six months unemployed terrified me. At the age of 26. When my career has barely started. I feared the worst. 

If any of that makes sense – that was the way I was feeling – that was the reason why I kept my job interviews a little quiet. 

After a terrifying interview at a fantastic law firm, I was quite surprised when they offered me a six months contract to start at the beginning of March. WOOHOO. Needless to say I accepted. 

My final days of unemployment are coming to the end and next week, I’ll be a working woman again. Hoorah. 

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  1. Lauren says:

    Brilliant! Amazing news. Really pleased for you! X

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  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hurrah. So excited for you! It’s hugely deserved Time for a new suit? X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carlene says:

    Congratulations Charlotte!!!

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