En Suisse

One of the best things about being an expat is exploring somewhere new – wherever you are in the world.

One of the best things about “being on the continent” is being able to explore Europe and for James & I, exploring the mountains. From Vienna, we explored the Austrian mountains, from a little resort called Semmering – just one hour from Vienna (perfect for a day trip) – to Flachau, for a long weekend and an amazing week away in (the very snowy) Kitzbuhl.

A few weeks ago, we visited a fantastic Belgian Ski Shop called United Brands. It is an all-year round ski shop, a bit like Snow’n’Rock in the UK. The lovely guy who helped James select his new skis & boots gave us a sacred list of the best resorts near Brussels with fantastic off-piste.

First on our list: Engelberg, Switzerland

We hopped into the car on Thursday evening and drove, booking a hotel en route and arriving 6 &1/2 hours later just before the clock struck 12.

On Friday morning, we woke like children on Christmas day, full of glee at the sight of the tumbling snow (especially after the rather limited snow in Megève, France at New Year).

Feeling frosty
Just a little windy
The visibility finally started to clear

After two days of getting wind-abused, we were thrilled when the clouds parted and we could enjoy the stunning setting in the beaming sunshine and all of the snow *of course*.

Engelberg Town

Now the sky had cleared, we could travel to the highest point in the resort in their giant Swiss bubble and enjoyed all that Engelberg had to offer.



We took some selfies too – naturally.





I even ventured onto the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

On top of the World, well peaks.

It was a little too much for James and his vertigo.


The mountain peak was so high, there were glaciers and lots of solid chunks of ice. Just like a child, I collected some. James would not let me keep it so I savoured the moment with this photo.


Then it was time to descend.

Ode de pow wow.



We enjoyed two more days of skiing, this time in the glorious sunshine, although it was still pretty windy.




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