Carb Fiend

I know that courgetti is all the rage – and tasty too – but as far as I am concerned, you cannot beat a good old bowl of hearty carbonara.

The description itself demands the carb.

Since I have been flexing my culinary skills, I had to try and make my favourite pasta dish. Who knew it was so simple. That is, as long as you avoid accidentally making scrambled egg. The trick is to make the sauce and add it straight to the cooked pasta without actually cooking the sauce per se.


I’ve made carbonara in Brussels a couple of times now. I have even cooked the dish for my Belgian friend who had never tried it before and she loved it. I am sure my Italian Great-Grandmother is very proud.

On the above occasion, I mixed in some lardons as well as bacon and mushrooms too – crazy, I know. It was on point. Stuff you soggy courgetti. Carbicide all the way.

I am sure the supermarkets at home sell lardons but I did not discover them until I arrived in Belgium. They are so delicious and flavourful … and terrible for the waistline. But, if your dish demands a carb and diary overload, why not ply it with protein*.

* It still counts as a protein right?


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