Jazz hands

At University, I discovered that impromptu, unplanned evenings were the best. The nights when we said “just one glass” and ended up dancing the night away. That’s why, when I meet a friend for dinner, I never say no when they ask if I fancy one more drink. Who knows where the night might end?

Unless, of course, I really do have something important on the next day *good girl really*.

I believe organisation is one of the reasons why New Years Eve is a let down for most. The build up, the effort, the disappointment.

Part of being an expat, involves the unplanned, the unknown. Meeting new people, going to new places and trying new things. Never saying no.

Last friday, while I was on my way home from work – fearing the evening of housework planned – James called –  he was in Flagey, having a drink with a colleague. He invited me to join them for drink. Just what I wanted after finishing my first week at work, a cold, frothy Belgian Beer.

On arrival, it turned out, there was a Jazz concert in the hall next to the bar. One quick beer and I found myself buying James & I tickets to attend Yaron Herman and Ziv Ravitz’s concert. We sat down at the back of the hall in plush pastel pink seats in perfect sight of the artists. As the lights came up, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the show.

The concert lasted an hour and a half. It was perfect, not too long and not too short.


If you fancy sitting back, relaxing and listening to some delicious jazz… click here.

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