All in a day

Last weekend, two of my oldest and bestest friends decided to make an adventure of their two days-off.

They got up super early on Saturday morning and travelled 2hrs by Eurostar to visit me in Brussels. With approximately 36hrs to play with, I had to ensure we had as much fun as possible.

After picking the girls up from Gare du Midi, we popped home for some breakfast and headed straight out to explore the city.

The little cork

I showed the gals my new hometown and some of its delights – Grand Place, Mannequin Pis, amazing architecture and a variety of chocolate shops.

Mostly, we enjoyed being together and catching up.

Grand Place
Golden girls in the golden square
Mannequin Pis 

To our surprise, Mannequin Pis was all dressed up for the occasion.

Although, we could not work out what the occasion was – can you?

A little while later, we discovered a procession of men in exactly the same clothing marching around town.

The men in blue

This city is so cute. I just wish I knew what they were honouring.

On our tour, we wandered down to Place Sainte-Catherine, where the large Christmas Market is (that I blogged about here) but something else caught their attention. The crowds of people hovering over little blue tables outside Nordzee – enjoying the fresh air, fresh fish and crisp white wine.

It was clear that everyone was in good spirits, despite the chill in the air.

Of course, we had to join in, for a fishy fuel and a tipple too.

Waiting for our food
Razor Clams
Juicy Prawns
Tucking in

Sara was raving all day about Belgian Popcorn – “Belgian Popcorn?”

Her brother had brought her some when he visited Belgium last Christmas and it was so good, she wanted some more. To our surprise, wandering down a little cobbled street, we discovered the very place. It was a treat.

Salted caramel, pistachio, praline and more.

The Popcorn is indeed Belgian popcorn and comes in a variety of flavours, which change according to the season. We each ordered a cornet of our chosen flavour. If you are lucky, the lady will let you try the other flavours too.

With our little cornets, we trotted back to the flat, chatting and laughing the whole way. After a little R&R – enjoying a Disney classic – we were ready for some vino and our dinner.

Goats cheese bites with homemade onion jam
Chicken & Chorizo pie with sweet potato chips and haricot vert

After dinner, was the after party…

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