On Sunday, full of beans, we popped in the car and drove to Bruges *Day Trip*.

Bruges is a medieval city in the North of Belgium – well known for its chocolate, beer & canals (and the College of Europe – a very famous European Law School).

It should take you around an hour by car from Brussels, but with Belgian traffic, it will be more like an hour and a half. Alternatively, you can get the train. Bruges is less than an hour from Calais so if you are travelling from the UK, you could drive for a weekend away.

I did not know what to expect from Bruges, especially on a Sunday, when most places in Belgium are shut. My Belgium travel guide suggested a mini walk around the City.

Our first attempt at exploring the City, was stopped short when we, surprise surprise, found a shoe shop, an open shop, full of sparkly shoes *sparkly shoes*. Yes, we brought some.


We were starving so we headed straight to Markt and enjoyed lunch outside in the sunshine. It was March, so we had to keep wrapped up.


A little stop at a Salvador Dali exhibition.


Followed by, a very expensive spree in this chocolate shop.


We then, like classic tourists, took a tour of the little city through the canals before we headed home to Brussels, for raclette and movies.


I hope your enjoyed my photos.

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