Brunch in Brussels No. 2

Before I started my “not-so-new-now” job – when I had a lot of free time – I explored the local cafes and brunched. Here are two cafes, local to my home in Ixelles that I have visited and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious coffee, food and interior.


Hinterland describes itself as an urban refuge, a place within to escape to, within the City. According to the staff, the word “hinterland” means the same in French, English and German. Similar to the “outback” but this side of the equator.

I love the interior here, it almost makes you feel as if you are chilling in a chalet. I only wish I had taken more photos so you could see what I mean but if you click on the hyper-link above there are plenty of photos on their Facebook page.

The food is all homemade, natural, organic and healthy. So its green juices for most and a croque monsieur for me – well, the first time I visited. The second time, I had pancakes layered in maple syrup and bananas.

Address: Chaussee de Charleroi 179Brussels 1060, Belgium

Open: Tuesday – Saturday

Lulu Home Interior

James and I accidentally stumbled across this place when we were looking for furniture in the local area – a true treasure trove – unfortunately, the furniture was a little out of our price bracket but their café was just up our street.

I went back a few weeks with a new friend and we stopped for lunch – affordable and delicious.


I need to go back and try their yummy cakes.

After you have filled your tum, you can explore all the fabulous items in their store.

Address: Rue du Page 101, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

Open: All week – even on a Sunday !!!

A great part of my new job, is making new friends, Brussels-living friends. Most days, while we enjoy our work at lunch, we discuss all the great places in Brussels to eat, drink and play. Now, I have a long list of places that I cannot wait to visit.

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  1. No deseamos limosna ni óbolos, sino que cada uno, en libertad y
    responsabilidad, valore el gasto que ha realizado y de forma anónima deposite en la caja lo que considere oportuno” Muchos peregrinos, comparten con nosotros el espíritu del albergue y consideran este sitio y sus actividades como suyas.


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