I have been meaning to write about this little restaurant for a while. Introduced to us by the one-and-only JC, it has become a staple eating-hole in our life. Umamido.

We have our team order down to a tee. It is all just so delicious.

Edamame – steamed soy beans

Gyoza – Japanese raviolis filled with chicken and vegetables

Pork Buns – made with their homemade Kimchi – that’s why they are the best in Brussels, and we’ve tried a few.


and for our main, Ramen

I always opt for the Karo Miso Ramen as it is nice and spicy.

Enjoyed alongside a ice cold Japanese beer, ahhhh.

During the few months that we have lived in Brussels, we have been frequenting the tiny Flagey branch. There are a few branches spotted around town, if you are visiting for the weekend and ramen is what you fancy, I recommend visiting the branch located near Place Ste. Catherine as it is close to the tourist hubbub. Also, apparently its a bit more glam and that top-tip was from the chef.

Last week, on our team visit, we were told, to our delight, that they are opening a new branch, just a short walk from our front door (not that the Flagey one was particularly far away). It is like the gods are listening … to my tummy at least.

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