Home is where the heart is

Ok, so I do not actually live in Meribel, and I have never lived there but my heart certainly does. Meribel, Le coeur des 3 Vallées.

Offered the opportunity to spend three days in my most favourite place, at the cost of 2 x 9hr car journeys during the night, how could we say no. It is funny how, just because you do not have to cross the Channel, you assume the journey will be much quicker. It was not.

Anyhow, that was how James and I found ourselves thundering down the motorway on a friday evening after work to spend some quality time with his family and enjoy the best slopes in Europe. Mad. I know. But worth it. Of course.

Luckily, the snow was beautiful. James and I spent our first day together, covering as much of the terrain as possible, James even dragged me down the Grand Couloir.

We then met up with James’ family and spent the next two days skiing enjoying my favourite slopes with them: La Masse, Mont Vallon, Georges Mauduit, oh and some beers.


I won’t bore you, and show off with all our lovely photos… ok maybe just a few…

That’s the Grand Couloir on the other side of the piste
*warm heart*


Also, there was one more thing I wanted to share from our road trip home – a gift from the little girl inside of me – we found the end of a rainbow.


I know, my photography skills are terrible, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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