Get out of your head

I know I am not alone. Many of us, if not most of us do it. Talk to ourselves – right?

I also know that when and if, I have ever, or do ever (as I possibly may in this post) advise you on how to get out of your head, I am as guilty as charged.

What do I mean?

Talking to yourself, I am not talking about the everyday ‘I want a coffee’ but the nasty psychologically damaging abuse that can:

  • make you feel like a fool;
  • dis-encourage;
  • demotivate; and
  • deflate…

to name a few d’s.

Why am I writing this?

I have struggled to sleep for the last few nights, I’ve lay down in bed but no sweet dreams. Struggling to sleep is sadly something I have regularly battled when my thoughts start seeping into my brain and I have to face them, without the distractions of day-to-day life. I recall the day past and prepare for the day ahead. Then I turn nasty, I remember all the things I did not achieve that day, that week, that year. I criticise myself for not having got my shit together, eating sneaky croissants and never exercising despite my great intentions (this reminds me of my New Years Blog post).

I scream. I am never going to sleep like this.

So, I have developed a really *ahem* complex solution… count to 3. When the thoughts arrive, I start to count, 1, 2, oh slippy buggery thought just popped into my head, back to 1.

Until, I assume, I reach 3 and keep counting because by then, I am asleep. Ok, it does not work quite as simply as that but I have to stop myself, tell myself that I am not going to fix anything now, that I need my sleep to try and tackle that life -to-do-list tomorrow, so I better start counting… wait, doesn’t this theory already exist, oh yea, ‘counting sheep’.


I have decided that battling with myself to count is healthier than worrying. Otherwise, I work myself into a frenzy right before I go to sleep – no wonder I have such dramatic dreams.

Does this feel familiar to you?

If so, starting counting or find something that works for you, whatever you do, get out of your head.

I guess, one of the points I wanted to make with this post is, I am not perfect, I question myself, my daily decisions and the bigger fish, like moving to Brussels. I know this is quite the opposite of my recent post: don’t give up but just like most, I have ups and downs.

You know what though, I am doing ok, you are doing ok, we are ok and everything is going to be ok.

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