If Leicester City can win, then anything is possible

I really did not think I would make a football reference in a blog let alone a blog title but here we are, after four months of living with James.

Celebration No.1 – Happy four month anniversary to Brussels & I

Celebration No.2 – James & I have not killed one another

Celebration No.3 – Leicester City have won the Premier League

Let me explain for those who are not British and for those who do not follow football – Celebration No.3 is nothing short of a miracle. It was the impossible. A team that started the competition with odds at 5000-1 (that’s really bad for those who don’t know). They did it.  The underdogs with the worst odds. The champions.

Of course this inspires me. It reminds me that anything is possible.

A welcome reminder when you have not been feeling so chipper.

My mum was a little upset upon reading my last blog. She was worried that those reading would not fully understand why I was feeling a little stressed and upset and possibly assume I am unhappy here – which I am not. The truth is I am applying for my dream job – against the odds – and I have not been feeling that positive about the process. The deadlines are tomorrow. So please do not worry, before you can blink I will be blogging about Roses, Belgian Beers and Waffles.

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