Proper grown up stuff

I never recall the fuse of anything ever being blown or ever having to contemplate replacing a fuse in my entire life.

I have lived in Brussels for almost four months and I’ve blown two.

The first went in my make-up lamp and now, my hairdryer. It’s like the fuse gods want me to go to work overloaded in bronzer and bedraggled wet hair.

On a mission, to replace the fuse, James and I visited some of the local ‘hardware’ stores. You know, like ‘B&Q’ or ‘homebase’. Guess what, helpful Brussels again, hardware stores do not sell fuses. Great. So I am sorry, brick-and-mortar shops but, this time, Amazon won.

As you may have noticed, if you read my blog, I have learnt to cook while living here in Brussels. I have tried my best. Since working, it has been hard to organise cooking as the shops helpfully close at 8pm and it is an ever-loosing battle trying to get home before then. In a mission, not to reduce take-aways and eating out, we, as grown-ups do, have taken to doing a weekly shop at the weekend. On a Saturday to be specific because supermarkets are helpfully shut here on a Sunday #life. With a meal plan in mind, we purchased our groceries. It was great during the week not having to worry about how and what to buy for dinner. Proper grown up stuff.


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