What cheese is not yours?


It is possible, anywhere, even in paradise, to find something to complain about – even if you do not really mean it. Even though life here in Brussels is great and I am very happy, I found my complaint – my moan about Brussels. What this city is missing and why London is of course better… because Brussels does not have good Mexican food and most of all, I cannot find decent Nachos anywhere. What was great about my complaint, was that everyone I raised it with – expats and locals alike – agreed with me.

Brussels is undoubtedly full of fantastic restaurants serving delicious food. I have been gastronomically satisfied in every restaurant I have visited but – I want Nachos!!

I do not know what started my love affair with Nachos. I love them. They even feature in my “dream meal”. Several years ago, I was asked, what is my dream meal. A meal made up of your favourite dishes.It does not matter if the dishes don’t match. Just whatever you fancy. You get to have a starter, main and desert (or you can swap desert for cheese).

I have Nachos to start, followed by Thai Green Curry and finished with a chocolate fondant.What’s yours?

I love asking people this question, it is a great conversation starter if you are experiencing an awkward silence but also a great way to get to know someone a bit better.

I was very lucky that, after years of expressing my love of my “dream meal” dishes my besties made it for me before I left London. It was delicious. Nachos truly are a great starter and go perfectly well with Thai Green Curry.

At my old job, when I was feeling stressed or sad at work, my colleague Naomi used to make Nachos for me (and the rest of the team) – they were the best.

In London, there are so many places to get simple yet delicious nachos, and great Mexican food, with a Wahaca opening on every corner and other places such as La Bodega Negra and Benito’s Hat.

Just as my complaint about Nachos was expressed, I was pleasantly surprised to find Nachos on the menu at L’Amour Fou – a fantastic burger restaurant located on 185 Chaussée d’Ixelles – and they were good.

And then, what luck, a Mexican opened in my neighborhood, Chez Wawa, a sit-in or takeaway shop serving fresh tacos, burritos and salads with the tastiest fillings – but, alas, no proper Nachos.

On Friday Night, James made a brilliant suggestions, takeaway burritos and homemade Nachos.

For those who don’t know, the ingredients are:

Lightly salted Tortilla Chips

Marks & Spencer’s Creole Spiced Bean & Rice Corn Chips (Optional)

Grated cheddar cheese (English cheese a necessity)




Sour cream (it was 9pm and sadly the shop was out of sour cream)

The trick is to layer the crisps, put a base layer of cheese then add another layer of crisps and top with the rest of the grated cheese.

You can either microwave or put in the oven for 10 mins at 180.

Then top with the Jalapeños and dips. YUM.



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