a little boost

Last week, I had to work from home as I unfortunately had a virus that was possibly contagious, hence my lack of blog posts. Even though I was working from home, I was under strict instructions to rest and relax.

I had been suffering with a pain for over a week before I finally succumbed and made an appointment with a Doctor. There is no wonderful NHS here. So it’s a trip to the Doctor, and luckily for me, it’s covered by my insurance otherwise I would have to pay to see the GP. There is actually no choice, when you register to live in Belgium, you have to have health insurance. It is one of the terms.

The Doctor was concerned that my immune system had crashed so I stayed for some quick blood tests and I was sent off with my prescriptions.

I was a little scared. How was it that my immune system let me down? I had been very busy, travelling to and from London, working long hours and generally not looking after myself.

Lately, on the advice of two health guru friends, I have taken to juicing/smoothies for breakfast. I have stepped it up a level. Juices or smoothies are part of my every day. Filled with all the goodness of the ingredients.

Luckily, I have two fantastic markets selling fresh fruit and veg near my home. On Wednesdays, it’s Chatelain market and on Sundays, it’s Flagey market. The fruit and vegetables are fresher and cheaper than the local supermarkets.

This Sunday, I dragged James along too…


I am happy to report, I am feeling much better with all the rest and my daily juices (the prescriptions vitamins have also helped).


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