My Jacks

When I joined my new firm, I was privileged to be invited to join “the breakfast club” a long standing tradition amongst some of the associates and interns. We get together every Friday morning, for twenty or so minutes, and someone brings the food.

Usually, people just bring a selection of scrumptious pastries, however, some bring something a little special – a traditional treat from their home country.

Last Friday, it was my turn.

So, something British, after a little google search, I decided to make flapjacks. According to Wikipedia, the Oxford English Dictionary, dates flapjacks to the early 16th century, even referred to by William Shakespeare in his play, Pericles, Prince of Tyre. 

As you know, I am not really a culinary goddess and I have not exercised my hand in the baking department – other than my apple crumble – but here was my opportunity to try.


The recipe is actually quite simple: oats, nuts, dried fruit, a lot of butter, brown sugar and honey.

They only issue, the timing, the key to any baking apparently. The recipe I used recommended 35-40 mins at 150. Unfortunately, it turned out 35 minutes was a little too long and the soft-gooey flapjack turned out to be a little more little granola bar – crunchy but tasty too.


So, what the hell, none of my colleagues are British anyway, I took them along, with some pastries too of course, and would you believe, they all got eaten. Even if I did have four myself.


Ok, so I felt a little defeated, thus, on Sunday, I had another go, this time, checking on the flapjack every 5 mins, I discovered that in my oven, 25 mins at 140 was sufficient for sticky, gooey, scrumptious flapjacks.




Charlotte v Flapjack



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