His sweet tooth

As you may know from my previous blog posts, I gave up chocolate for six months as part of my New Years Resolutions/for a stupid and yet competitive bet with my boyfriend. I have done very well indeed. Chocolate has not touched my lips. Apart from deserts containing chocolate because that was one of the excellent terms I negotiated.

Living with James, however, has brought with it one significant obstacle, sweets. He buys them on his way home, after dinner, at the weekend, all the time, and he leaves them hanging around the kitchen. His sweet tooth has been my downfall.

I honestly, don’t like sweets, I just eat them because, I like chocolate and I miss it.

But the other night, a sweet treat awaited us at Les Fils à Maman.

What is really quaint about this restaurants is that the walls are covered in collages of the owners, the chefs, the five friends (seemingly some also siblings) whose mastermind this restaurant was.

The menu is fabulous, offering a range of light meals and very meaty dishes. James and I opted for the Cheeseburger, on a recommendation from a friend. Very delicious. The soft brioche buns, proper cheddar cheese and succulent meat, served with real Belgian frites and homemade coleslaw.

The Menu

Before our burgers, we shared a little something-something, The Fils’ Board of charcuterie, vegetables and their homemade chicken nuggets. We hadn’t heard about the nuggets before, we didn’t know about this secret recipe, boy, were they perfect. Honestly, I’d go back just to have those nuggets again.

Our Starter, and the now famous chicken nuggets
Burger, Chips and Vin Rouge

My date

Once, you have finished it all, you can select one of their delicious deserts, but if you do not fancy it, don’t worry, because when your bill comes, you get a sweet treat anyway. A jar full of them, for you to take your pick.



Apparently, on Sundays, they are open from11.30am to 3pm serving brunch. Having had our first taste of the delicious food they offer, and exceptional service, we will have to go one Sunday.

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