Brunch in Brussels No.4

Good Morning,

I am so thrilled to share the details of this fabulous cafe with you – especially because it is open on a Sunday, which is very rare in Brussels.

Holy Bagels

I walked passed Holy Bagels a few times and the name alone, was enough to entice me. It did not take much to persuade the boys, presented with a day full of admin, IKEA shopping and furniture building, James, JC and I strolled down for some fuel.

Actually, I skipped the IKEA part for a pedicure and the furniture building activity to cook everyone dinner, but you know what I mean, a busy day.

With a menu full of delicious sounding bagels, we selected our chosen one and enjoyed with some of their homemade lemonade – a must!!

The “Julie”
The “Kevin”
The “Jean”

I was hoping to get a bite of the boys’ bagels, but before, I’d even finished half of mine, they had gobbled down their bagels.

Open all week – well, closed on Wednesdays, but who cares about Wednesdays.

Get yourself down there.

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