Ah Vienna

In anticipation of a trip to Vienna, I thought I would reminisce and share the details of some of my favourite places with you.

Where better to start than with food (including cake) and wine…

Coffee & Cake, Vienna is famous for its cakes, it is compulsory that you stop for cake. The most famous pit-stop is, Cafe Demel, a little amfel strudel and hot chocolate, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. If the shop floor looks crowded when you enter, head to the back or upstairs for seating; don’t forget to take a glance into the kitchen. Some people visit this café just to take a peek at the kitchen’s magnificent creations.

However, the most famous cake from Vienna has to be the sachertorte and where better to enjoy that than at the Hotel Sacher.

A compulsory for every tourist, snitzel at figlmuller – note you must book. Probably the most famous and I think one of the oldest restaurants in the City, but be warned the portions are huge.

If you have time before or after your snitzel, I suggest stopping at “this great little bar” (I mean tiny) Weinorgel (in the city centre). Complementary peanuts with your drink and don’t forget to throw your shells on the floor. This is also a great location to try a HUGO, a popular drink among Viennese women, they tend to be made differently depending on the bar you are in but generally include prosecco/or sparkling white wine with elderflower and mint. So refreshing.

Or you can try James’ favourite watering hole is Charlie Ps it can get quite raucous, but great for drinking, watching sport and listening to music.

If you fancy something a little modern and cool, book Fabios for dinner. It is a well-known (and rather pricey) Italian restaurant. If you cannot fork out for dinner, pop by for a cocktail.

Oh oh oh and another great restaurant is Glacis beisl , mid-price range but serves traditional Viennese food, you can walk here from the centre and it has a very cute little garden that you can dine in during the summer.

A favourite place of mine for a light bite and something different is Kameel. Filled with locals. They sell small open sandwiches at the bar. The waiters serve drinks only, so get your food and a spot first then order your drink(s). Don’t be put off by the names/types of sandwich bites, they are really delicious!!!!

Lastly, a little spot where a famous Royal used to go to meet his mistress, Gmoakeller, selling traditional Viennese dishes.

The Tourist part of the city is of course the beautiful centre (Zone 1) full of magnificent architecture, churches, shops, bars and restaurants, lovely just to walk around.

I suggest stopped at the following:

Albertina Museum 

Hofburg palace and the Sisi museum, that’s this pretty lady.


Spanish ridding school – if you can get tickets, standing ones are fine just get there early to get a good spot.

Belvedere Palace

Schonnbrunn palace – don’t forget to walk around the beautiful gardens




and then visit its Zoo, James and I bought annual passes and visited many times to see these cool guys.









Little tip for transport

There is a really easy, swift and efficient train that takes you from the airport to the city centre and back.

You can get around the city using trams, metro and trains – although, if you can, I suggest walking.

Taxis are pretty cheap too.


On a lighter note … you could always go skiing for the day?




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