My Kitchen

I have not done a cooking post in a while, well other than raving about my flapjacks.

As you may know, I only learnt to cook in January of this year. It is not something I ever loved, especially when I could find delicious food – much better than my own culinary skills – at my beloved M&S.

However, since January, other than some treats, I have been very busy cooking the ordinary everyday stuff, dinner. It is sad that it is ordinary but when you work all day it is hard to have the energy to cook. Luckily, we are a very 21st century couple, James and I share the cooking or we cook together.

I will be honest, I don’t love cooking, I never will. I have enjoyed making curries. I can now cook a thai green curry from scratch, ok not entirely from scratch, I use a curry paste. I’m never going to be the type of girl that makes her own curry paste, well I guess I don’t know what I will be but I don’t think I will – at least whilst I am working like crazy – make my own curry paste.

Anyway, enough talk, here’s one I made earlier *pretty chuffed*.


What I do like about cooking, is the final product. I love roasted summer vegetables. AΒ red onion and some cherry tomoatoes are the base, then chop anything else you fancy, for me, it depends on what they have at the market but usually courgette and aubergine. A drop of olive oil, salt & pepper and a little bit of chilli too. Β 20-25 minutes later and perfection. With chicken or rice or pasta, depending on the mood.





Turn’s out, it’s not that boring in the kitchen, even the everyday stuff.

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