Sushi Sundays

When we are in Brussels, generally, after a weekend of over-indulgence all James and I want on a Sunday is sushi, just to mitigate our guilt.

For sushi, we have two favourite but very different haunts.

(1) Makisu

Makisu is a fast-food style sushi restaurant where you can eat in or take-away. I walk past this place everyday and started to notice that people, during the week, queue out of the restaurant and on to the streets just to have this sushi. A clear indication it was worth a try. We’ve been a few times now and last Sunday, we did a take away.

Edamame beans, Spicy Pablo california roll, Up the River california roll & Chicken Teriyaki rice boll.

(2) RÂLE – BOL

Is a sushi restaurant near to our home, the quality of the food is exceptional, the staff are always nice and they’ve got good wine on the menu too. It is by-far the best sushi I have had in Brussels. I adore the prawn ravioli soup, teriyaki skewers, gyoza and california rolls.

You can find them on Deliveroo too.

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  1. Thanks for informing such great sushi places. I always visit best Sushi Downtown Montreal for their best food and better ways of preparing the dish. Keep posting more.

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  2. Bea says:

    Looks so tasty


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