Another Burger Joint

It really seems I do love a burger. It was not that long ago that the only burgers I ate came from McDonalds. The idea of ordering a burger in a restaurant for dinner bewildered me, I mean really. One hungover Sunday, James dragged me to Byron Burger (London), one bite and sip of my milkshake and I was sold.

In Brussels, it seems I’ve really explored the burger bars on offer, easily done given most of the ones I have discovered are within a 500m radius of my home.

I’ve shared many burger places with you in this blog, L’amour Fou, MANHATTN’S, Les Fils à Maman and now Marcel.


The menu consists of burgers, sides and beer. They even have a special menu recommending which beer would suit your burger, naturally, I followed their expert advice and enjoyed a cold “La Trouffette” with my cheese burger…

with a side of sweet potato fries *naturally*.


Even better news, a bit of a rarity in Brussels but guess what, its even open on a Sunday  from 12.30 to 15.30m, if your in Ixelles and fancy a treat.

Also, don’t forget to get your snap taken at the built in selfie machine before you leave.

Happy Eating.

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