Sailing, for the first time

Last summer, I was invited on my first ever sailing holiday. As I prepare for my second sailing trip, I thought I would do a couple of flashback posts to our trip around the Ionian Islands.

We travelled to Lefkas in Greece where we met our boat, Skywalker. We spent our first night in the harbour and enjoyed the local cuisine after our day of travel. The next morning, we stocked up on supplies and headed off to Porto Spilia, on the Greek Island, Spartochori.


Day 1


As soon as we tied up Porto Spilia, I headed straight out to explore.





Whilst others enjoyed the clear blue sea.


Paddle board 1, James 0


That evening, we trekked up the hill to the local town and enjoyed the spectacular views at the viewpoint.



The town was filled of cobbled streets, flowers, stray cats and friendly faces.


We enjoyed a delicious set menu of local dishes and wine at Lakis Taverna, the staff were very friendly and the food was exceptional. I wanted more and more and it kept coming until our bellies were stuffed with feta cheese, olives, fresh fish and savoury pastry treats.DSC_0363

After several bottles of wine, we toddled back down the hill for our second night on the boat. The next morning, James and I tackled the hill with a morning run followed by a swim across the bay before enjoying breakfast and ice coffees at Taverna Porto Spilia.

We then set off for our second day of sailing.

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