Breakfast Club

I will never forget arriving at Lakka harbour, boy did I make an entrance, upon arriving, as the family were trying to moor the boat, a busy little wasp found itself trapped inside my cardigan (it had been windy at sea). I am terrified of wasps, ever since one found its way into my mouth and stung me like crazy when I was a young girl. In a moment of panic, I screamed and shouted, stripped off most of my clothes to find the whole bar in front and people on boats either side laughing hysterically at me – and James’ family looking rather embarrassed at my behaviour.

That night in the restaurant, people were still talking about the crazy English girl.

Anyway it was all made a lot better with this gorgeous view from our mooring spot. James and I took the paddle board out and waded over to a small secluded beach for a little rest.


That evening, as with every island we visited, we enjoyed delicious fresh food and a lot of feta cheese, its like a greek salad is compulsory in Greece. Lakka also has some nice bars to chill at for a sundowner and/or after dinner cocktail, we got to meet lots of other sailors too, it was a lovely atmosphere. The next morning, we headed out for a walk to find lots of restaurants and bars offering breakfast on the waterfront.




Even the locals were out getting their breakfast.


Breakfast was perfect, although the blasted wasps came back to visit me, but they were soon blown away when we headed back out to Sea.


It is a great shame that I did not note down the details of the island we stayed at the next evening,  for it was beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone in the area, the island offered lots of little beaches within a small walk from the harbour and as per, great food.








After our sundowner, James got a little adventurous…


I won’t post the picture of his epic belly-flop.

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  1. Rebeca says:

    Elas podem ser colocadas nas mesas de convidados, como sugerimos,
    como é verosímil usá-las para outros ambientes da sarau.

    A escolha é sua. porque sei que


  2. Wow, what a beautiful place and your pics are great, I got stung by a wasp too in my mouth when I was about 6, what a trauma. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jim says:

    There is certainly a great deal to find out about this
    topic. I like all of the points you’ve made.


  4. Jessi says:

    You have some seriously beautiful imagery. I love it! I’m already ready to see more from your next adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

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