Great Harbour, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

After our first day of sailing, we arrived at Great Harbour, Peter Island. As soon as we moored up on a mooring buoy, we jumped straight into the water and headed over to the beach.

Knowing that I am a little scared of the deep waters, James bought me a little friend, Florence the Flamingo, to keep me afloat (and to alleviate those irrational fears).


It was a natural pairing.




Florence was purchased here. My Seafolly bikini, it seems, is no longer available, but the print “Tidal Wave” is still available, check it out here but it’s also available on Asos. I treat myself to a Seafolly bikini every other year, they last really well. Even for swimwear, I believe in investing, they are important pieces of equipment. I could not recommend them more, especially if you can pick one up in your size in the sales.

My sunglasses are vintage Ray Bans handed down from a family friend. I had a really good search on vintage sunglasses websites and eBay but could not find the exact pair – I’ll keep you updated and share if I do.

Following our R&R on the beach and in the water, it was time for our first sundowner of the holiday, even though we missed the sun we still enjoyed the beautiful sky.



That evening we headed over to the island to enjoy dinner. The meal was a buffet with a selection of delicious meat and fish based dishes. According to sources, this place has been around a while, its a hot-spot for the visiting sailing boats. You have to arrive by 7.30pm which is when the food is served, which means it’s fresh, warm and tasty. I was really surprised throughout our holiday to find that most places serve food early and it gets very dark around 8.30/9pm.


We really enjoyed our food and our first painkillers of the trip. The painkiller is a cocktail that hails from the BVIs and one bar in particular, but more about that in a later post. Of course, as every cocktail should (in my opinion), served with a cherry on top.


The next morning, we woke around 6 am *thanks to the time difference* and I enjoyed an early-morning paddle on the calm waters before we headed out for the day.


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