Heading to Josh Van Dyke

Bitter End gave us one last marvel before we left – a glorious morning rainbow after a night of heavy showers, which cleared the way for another beautiful day.



We set sail early as we wanted to cover some distance but also to allow us enough time to snorkel and enjoy a stop-off at Monkey Point, Guana Island.

The infamous monkey point also known as the BVIs “best kept secret” was one of the quietest stops we made whilst sailing around the BVIs – and we were holidaying during the Caribbean’s off-peak season. When I say quiet, I mean, there were only three other boats moored up. In fact, it was quite a loud spot due to the high number of Pelicans and birds hanging out on the rocks hoping to catch some exotic fish for their lunch.


We snorkelled-up and headed straight to join the Pelicans in spotting the exotic fish, with Florence in tow of course. The bay was filled with a number of exotic fish, some of which were the same length as my legs, which I found a little scary.

After our snorkel-sesh, we had a quick bite to eat before continuing our day of sailing.


We then enjoyed a rather brief pitt-stop at this luxurious looking spot which is the gorgeous uninhabited island called Sandy Cay.



Well we jumped in for a paddle with Florence before continuing on with our journey. I must say, I’ve never been a big swimmer, but these gloriously warm blue waters were so appealing, and with the added support of Florence, I became quite comfortable jumping straight in.


Wearing my pink pineapple bikini from Boux Avenue, which is now £9 on sale, Tom Ford sunglasses available at Sunglass Hut (which I then broke *sob* also, sorry mum) and a vintage Dior scarf (similar available here). I took to wearing scarfs on my head whilst in the BVIs as they protected me from the risk of sun-stroke and enabled me to tan my face. I was pretty chuffed with the idea.


These photos make me so happy, we were just mucking about and having such a great time and of course, posing, “Cheese”.

A little further on and we arrived at Great Harbour, Josh Van Dyke.


Great Harbour was busier than some other spots in the BVIs as there are shops and bars, but there was nothing to really explore. Faced with nothing to do but chill, what else was there to do other than grab a beer, sit on the beach and relax whilst admiring the breathtaking waters.



James wearing his Vilebrequin trunks, Ralph Lauren navy blue linen shirt (this colour is no longer available but similar at Asos), his staple hat from River Island and Persol Sunglasses. Well-coordinated you might say.




Having had quite a few Carib beers during the holiday already, James and I opted for Coronas with a lovely bit of lime. Mmmmm. Ahhhh.




That evening, we took the “speed boat”, also known as the dingy, round to White Bay and visited the world-renowned “Soggy Dollar Bar“.

p.s. if you fancy it, you can also walk or get a taxi from Great Harbour, Josh Van Dyke to White Bay.

We’d heard a lot about the Soggy Dollar Bar before our arrival as it was the location for the creation of the “Painkiller” – the BVIs’ cocktail. So here is what it contains: local rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice and fresh nutmeg – with a cherry on top too.

Pretty similar to a  piña colada, so if you are keen on those, you are bound to enjoy a Painkiller too.



The Soggy Dollar Bar is the perfect location for a sundowner before heading back to Great Harbour for dinner at …. Foxy’s Bar.  Another popular spot for those sailing the BVIs. When James and I visited the beach on Great Harbour earlier that day I was struck by how empty the “popular” Foxy’s Bar was… but by 7pm, it was beaming with boatloads of cheerful sailors looking for good food, great music and even better booze.


Foxy’s is decorated in t-shirts, hats, sails, number plates and other memorabilia hailing from all over the world. If your heading there, why not take something to add to Foxy’s collection.



Then we tucked into our meat feast of chicken, ribs and more chicken and ribs.


Sticky fingers all-round.




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