Brunch in Brussels No.5

Good Morning,

For those of you in Brussels looking for inspiration on where to go for brunch, looking no further than CHYL and for those of you not in Brussels, come & visit.

CHYL Café & Magasin

Their motto is “Change your lifestyle & then cherish your life”. With such words at the core of this business you won’t be surprised to read their menu hosts lots of deliciously healthy brunch treats as well as vegan, vegetarian and pretty much anything-free options available. If like me you like your carbs and calories, especially at brunch time, don’t be put off. Their brunch menu hosts, among other things, 4 main events: the french brunch, the nordic brunch, the english brunch and the oriental brunch. I won’t ruin them all for you – go and check them out for yourself, but here is a little sneak peak, a taster.

After filling-up on their scrummy brunch, pop next door to their shop, where you can be inspired by their incredible collection of pick’n’mix nuts, wide range of healthy teas (including my favourite – Pukka Teas) and other healthy bits’n’bobs.

The Café is open 12pm-3pm Tuesday to Friday and 10.30am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. I know – open all day on a Sunday in Brussels – isn’t it great!

The shop is open 9am to 8pm each day and 10am to 7pm on Sundays.

Get yourself down there!

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