Our First Day in the Dam

In need of a coffee to get us started for the day, James and I slumped down at Dante, a cool kitchen & bar located just next to our hotel – from where, we could observe the passers-by and the canal.

After our coffee, we headed off to explore the city and enjoyed a tour of the Van Gogh Museum that was worth every penny. It was kind of spectacular to see the original paintings of some of the most famous works of art in the world first-hand that we grew up learning about.

Word of advice, book your ticket to the museum in advance. I’m so glad I did or we would have had to queue for hours. I also wanted to visit the Anne Frank House but sadly, it was sold-out, even two weeks before we visited. If your planning a trip to Amsterdam (especially in the summer) get organised and book in advance.

We stopped for a light lunch at Coffee & Coconuts – which I’ve already raved about in full on my Instagram. Its a pretty large venue, we were seated very swiftly, which was a delight as I was a little worried about their ‘no reservations during the day’ policy. We drank healthy coconut iced coffees, munched on their healthy-take of nachos (*which I must admit were delicious*) and *apparently healthy* pork buns.


After a long walk back along the canals, there was one stop on my itinerary that I was in no-mood to miss out on … a traditional Dutch Stroopwafel.

Before visiting Amsterdam, I did my research and learnt that ‘the place’ to try your first proper stroopwafel is Lanskroon – where they make their waffles by-hand. Boy were they delicious, with succulent caramel almost dripping-out.

It’s a must.


Coincidentally, Lanskroon is located just a few steps away from our hotel, the perfect end to a long day on our feet. We headed back to the hotel to rest-up before our dinner reservation at a rather special restaurant (part of the special treats for  James’ birthday weekend).

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