As part of James’ birthday weekend, I booked a reservation at a rather special spot, BAK restaurant.


James and I decided to walk to the restaurant, it was about thirty minutes from the centre and the long walk really encouraged the hunger pangs (which was surprising given the amount we had eaten). We finally arrived at BAK restaurant and followed the rather incognito sign into an old warehouse that is home to the most fabulous restaurant.

Before we go any further, I must say – and I can say this with certainty – my photos will not do this restaurant or the food justice.


The restaurant overlooks the water in the former timber port of Amsterdam Houthaven and was the perfect setting for our wonderful evening.


Our amuse bouches.

Followed by seven courses of heaven each complemented with their own wine.

And my handsome date.


To start, zucchini (otherwise known as courgette) with pickled cucumber and nasturtium – which I have since learnt is the edible flower.


Eggplant (otherwise known as aubergine)  with miso and bottarga – which is salted, cured fish roe, I’ll admit despite a google search, I still don’t really understand it. Nonetheless, it was tasty and so flavourful.


Paired perfectly, of course. The only ‘problem’ with the wine pairing, is you end up drinking rather a lot. Ah, who said that’s a problem. A rather happy problem.


Vegetables and herbs. The menu at BAK restaurant changes regularly depending on the season and availability of the local producers.


Then it was time for my favourite course and it was paired with an orange wine. Apparently its made from white wine grape varieties that have spent some maceration time in contact with the grape skins (similar to the red wine fermentation process), giving the wine an orange colour.


Langoustine cassoulet and bone marrow. Warm, fresh and crunchy.

I know, there was still more, three more courses, starting with wild boar (a favourite of mine), beetroot and elderflower. The meat was perfectly tender and matched with a body-full red wine.


Tomato, rhubarb and gooseberry desert.

A strange sweet, but after all tomato is a fruit, right?


Lastly, semolina, raspberry and buttermilk. Unsurprisingly, we ate it all. After finishing all of the previous six courses and the two amuse bouches.


Of course, we grabbed the chance to have a photo to commemorate the evening, just a shame we didn’t have the idea when it was still sunny outside.


After dinner we took an uber to the W Hotel, where to popped up to the top floor bar to enjoy cocktails in the Amsterdam skyline.

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  1. Looks lovely! We tried orange wine the other week – interesting and aromatic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so delicious – I had no idea how ‘trendy’ it is.


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