The Luxe Life

On Monday, I treated my mum to a spa day for her birthday. I too was also treated. You may recall earlier in the year James set me some New Year’s resolutions, and you may also recall that I succeeded at one in particular, I did not eat chocolate for six months. Due to James’ failure (at all of his resolutions), I was, in accordance with the terms of our deal, treated to a spa day.

After a lot of google searching and checking reviews galore, I booked a spa day at Alexander House Utopia Spa in Sussex, a short drive from Gatwick Airport if that helps you identify its location.

Alexander House is a wonderful hotel set in the gorgeous green English Countryside. Worth a visit for dinner or even an overnight getaway – especially because guests can use the spa facilities.


We started our day, enjoying the various luxury pools, indoor and outdoor hot tubs – including  a peppermint hot tub which was very refreshing –  before steaming and sauna-ing ourselves.

After all that *hard work* we also enjoyed some quiet time in the relaxation room.

After our rather relaxing morning, we ate a three-tiered afternoon tea to our hearts content with a glass of Rosé Champagne. Smothering the clotted cream on the scones, topped by jam. Although my mum does it the other way around. How do you like your cream tea?

Last but by no means least, we were pampered. I chose ‘The Works’ treatment which included, a full body scrub & massage and an express facial topped off with a head massage. Whereas mum enjoyed an 85 minute facial with lymph node drainage.

Following my treatment, I purchased three products from the Templespa range – to continue that spa essence back at home.


I picked up the cleanser and toner used in my express facial – Be Gone kind-hearted cleansing crème for sensitive skin and Toning Essence (perfect for all skin types) as well as the Breath of Life inhalation essence, I couldn’t resist its blended fragrance of eucalyptus, tea tree, menthol and lavender.

What a wonderful treat day it was.

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  1. eyeallureblog says:

    I also went to Alexander house for my bday. It was amazing xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How cool & small world. It was great – do you know any others in the area ? 🙂


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