Throwback To The Move

Facebook memories are a wonderful thing. I love looking back at what I was posting or tagged in from years gone by. Recently, a photo appeared of the day I helped James pack-up and move to Vienna. That was three years ago.

We are fast approaching James’ 1-year Brussels anniversary (next Tuesday). I remember the date well – it was my birthday. I joined James in Brussels the following weekend to furnish the flat.

We had done a good-ole John Lewis shop at home in London for bits & bobs like pillows, duvets, bed sheets, pots & pans that we shipped to Brussels in preparation for James’ move. However, we didn’t have any furniture, which meant James was living in a hotel. Keen to escape the hotel-life A.S.A.P. I was dragged to IKEA with a full shopping list – ok, I wasn’t exactly dragged, I went with eager will – I was excited to start building our home together.

Packing up my belongings and our John Lewis purchases

Our first day felt a little like dreamland. We spent six hours in IKEA – you bet I had my first ever IKEA hot dog that day. Among our purchases was a bed and mattress for our spare room, which James intended to sleep on until will ordered our dream bed.

After our six-hour shop-a-thon, we headed back to our new home. Luckily there is a van-taxi service at IKEA. Therefore, the big items were delivered to our flat, whilst the rest of our purchases were quite literally stuffed into every spare space in James’ car. Even the dashboard was covered.


We dumped all the bits at the flat and ran-off *exhausted* to enjoy our evening and sleep. On the Sunday all the shops were closed *of course, it’s Brussels* so James and I got to work, cleaning, unpacking and building a bed. Almost a year on and I can happily inform you that the bed is still standing and there have been no accidents – despite the fact that we had one screw left over at the end. I was also rather chuffed as apparently they say if you can build IKEA furniture together you can do anything together.

The following weekend, I returned to Brussels again for more shopping. There were two major items on the list – The Bed & The Sofa.

James and I agreed that we wanted to invest in a good bed. They do say you spend half your life in bed. Plus, there is nothing better than a good nights sleep. It’s priceless. The only slight issue with these rather important items is they tend to have a long wait-list for delivery. Our bed was to arrive within a month and our sofa within three months. The bed actually arrived within a week, thank you to the lovely people at Au Bon Repos whilst our sofa arrived six months after ordering. Apparently, there was a problem with the ordering. The only lesson James & I learnt was – don’t pay the full amount upfront as you lose the perfect bargaining chip. Although I must say, it is a bloody fantastic sofa.

I left James to sort out purchasing things like the TV, speakers etc. surprisingly he very much enjoyed the task – and with that our flat was furnished – well, you know I keep finding things that we, of course, must have. Luckily, James tends to agree *smirk*.

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