Five Musts For A Brit Before Moving Abroad

It depends a little on the “why and how” you are moving abroad but there are some key things that I suggest you may need to do – mainly because I finally got around to them about a month after moving. Although you may be very fortunate and have someone who will take care of these fun *musts* for you – lucky you.

 I’m talking about the boring things that you may *have to do* before you move abroad – the administrative kind of things – before you even tackle the administrative burdens of your soon-to-be new home country.

1. Post Office

 Just as you should do when you move home – ensure your post is redirected to your new address (or at least an alternative address). Although, I know many of my generation have never done this despite moving from home to various University lodgings and generally to London and making several places their new home. Despite all of that moving, most of your post probably still gets sent to your parent’s home or delivered to any number of your previous accommodations.

 A friend of mine recently forgot to update her address on and ended up having her purchases delivered to her old home address. Luckily she was able to contact the new tenants. I mean imagine, all your new purchases ending up at someone else’s home or worse, your bank statements.


You also have to notify HMRC that you are moving abroad but I promise this is also a good thing as it ensures you pay the right amount of tax in the UK while abroad.

All I understand is you will need to complete a p85 if you are employed and there is another form if you are self employed.


 As above, if you have a loan you will probably need to inform your lender that you are moving abroad. For instance, if you are in the midst of paying off your student loan, you will need to inform the Student Loan Company that you are moving abroad and provide them with evidence of your salary in your new home country. From my experience, this was all rather easy, fill out a form and provide the evidence, the only hiccup arose when my post didn’t arrive, of course, I did not know my post hadn’t arrived until I received a rather daunting email from the Student Loan Company.

4.Phone and other contracts (i.e. standing orders)

The bad news is – if you are half way through your phone contract, you’ll have to pay-up the big bucks to end your contract early unless you are a lucky bugger and your contract will expire naturally.

I was not a lucky bugger; annoyingly I still had a year and still have over a year to go before my contract expires. In hindsight, I am glad I didn’t end my contract as I can use my mobile every time I am home, plus, thanks to O2 (my provider) I can use my mobile to make calls home for free thanks to the fabulous app TuGo. Although I still have to pay for my contract *yuk*.

 TuGO allows me to make calls from my British phone through the wifi – for free – I mentioned that already but it saves me a fortune as I don’t have to use my Belgian phone to call home. I really do mean a fortune. You have no idea how much time I spend on the phone with family and friends, although I feel you may be able to guess.

You may also want to cancel any standing orders you have, things like gym membership, magazine subscriptions etc. Just a heads up.

5.Book your first trip home

Even if you are not susceptible to homesickness, I advise planning your first trip home or at least having a date or plan in mind. It just helps. You have something to plan for and look forward to, which can help pass the time especially in those moments when you might be feeling lonely.

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