For those not from London, Claridge’s Hotel is a British landmark. Set in the heart of Mayfair it has accommodated, fed and watered (well maybe adult water) many from London and afar since the 1800s.

Among many stories from its rich history, I was most amused to learn that in 1945, Winston Churchill requested and obtained permission for suite 212 to be declared Yugoslavian territory to allow the Crown Prince Alexander II to be born in his own country. The sweetest.

Personally, I love Claridge’s Bar, a place I have popped into before or after dinner for a glass of champagne or  The Flapper cocktail (which has been on the Bar’s menus since it first opened) – worth ordering, especially if it is your first time.


Quite devine don’t you think?

However, Saturday last was a lot more special than drinking, I dined. Unlike the rest of my family, it was my first time dining at Claridge’s restaurant currently named Fera under the chef Simon Rogan. Most may recall it was previously under Gordon Ramsey. According to my parents, the restaurant has certainly had an authentic upgrade under the new chef.

With stunning furniture, interior and pottery paired perfectly with the tasting menu inspired by the changing of the seasons.


The evening was a special treat to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but the restaurant kindly did not overlook my impending birthday (which was actually yesterday now).


On Saturday evening, we selected the tasting menu – something a little special.

I must confess, it was rather dark where I was seated in the restaurant and thus my photos may not do our delicious menu justice but perhaps they will wet your appetite.

The amuse-bouches: chickpea wafer with curd, herbs and flowers; stewed rabbit with lovage; and sweetcorn with smoked cod mousse – I had no idea how flavourful sweetcorn is.

I told you my photos were pretty crappy – you can check out the restaurant’s Instagram here for a better idea.

Raw scallop with cucumber, buckwheat and mushroom

I know, mini cucumbers, aren’t they the cutest.

My mum is not a big fish-eater and certainly was not keen on the idea of raw fish, therefore the restaurant accommodated her request and prepared an alternative but similar dish using egg, mushrooms and lovage.

The fish-free alternative
Halibut in pine with grilled leeks, nettle, gem lettuce and whey.

Then the piece to resistance, it was so scrummy, I grabbed every last drop I could before crossing the line into plate-licking – which by the way, I totally do at home where nobody is watching me.

Copas chick with sweet turnip, black trumpet and truffle.

I’m not so sure what black trumpet is – all that mattered was the taste … and that was a savoury heaven.

Then, a little palate cleansing pre-desert, apple marigold, lemonade and whey was more of a palate cleanser.

Fluffy yumminess.

Yes, that is a word – in the urban dictionary at least.

Lastly, meadowsweet cake, cherries, pine and sheep’s yogurt. In a way, it reminded me of Eton Mess, a mix of textures, berries and dairy. I hope that doesn’t offend the chef.


With our coffees we were served divine little treats. At this point, my belly was filling up and the wine was swirling, I cannot recall the exact details of these bites although, I am sure the green sponge was made from tarragon and the jelly treats were lemony.

Perfect little minis – what else can one expect from a Michelin Star restaurant.


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