Wanna go to the Seaside?

This week, on the recommendation of a Belgian friend and in light of the fabulously scorching sunshine, Heather, Stewart and I headed to De Haan for a day on the Belgian coast.

I was rather nervous. I mean the Belgian coast doesn’t paint an exciting image, the south of France, well that is a better picture. With the weather so fine, I didn’t care, anywhere with water would be dreamy – and I was right.

Heather and Stewart (her beagle) were the first expat friends I made upon moving to Brussels. Stewart has become quite the Brussels resident – you can track his paws down on Instagram @beagleinbrussels.


Unfortunately, but expectedly in Belgium, we hit some traffic en route, thus Heather and I headed straight for some lunch and a little rose on our arrival in De Haan.

Rose-d up we walked to the beach and fell asleep in the sun.


Isn’t he handsome?

The Belgian coast, a bit like the British south coast in my opinion quite windy but the wind was very welcome in such heat and De Haan beach was ideal. With lots of loungers, umbrellas, cocktail shacks and white beach sheds. A little heaven in a beautiful rural coastal town. That’s also why it was full of older couples cruising the promenade and teenagers playing in the sun.






One of my favourite things about the beach, is all the treasure you can find.


De Haan has more to offer than a day at the beach. From observation it appears a little like Salcombe to the Belgians with lovely Dutch seaside homes, sailing and places for families to enjoy time together.

After our beach time r’n’r, we walked Stewart around the houses before heading back to Brussels.

De Haan we will be back – with Stewart too.


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  1. Gerri says:

    It looks very peaceful and serene!

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  2. andnaps says:

    Beautiful pictures – Stewart is such a sweetie!

    Alanna | Adventures and Naps

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