Take A Hike

At the weekend, the boys and I headed off for a hike. Driving just under two hours from the city, we parked up at a small town in the Ardennes in South-East Belgium and headed off.

Originally we planned on taking the 10km 18A route however, a few km into our route we lost our signposts and decide to join the 16 diamond – a 14km “difficult” route – *hoorah*

We even hit a fork in our path.


Walking up tough hills, along river bends and through farms we were exhausted but enjoyed the Belgian Ardennes.

Just before we completed our hike, we pulled over to enjoy the sandwiches I pre-prepared before finishing our route in a rather quaint little town…

… just not where we started our route, good thing we remembered the name of the place where we left our car.


After some google mapping, we estimated where we parked the car – just about 5km away from where we were – oh and uphill – luckily we were in high spirits after our delicious sandwiches.

And as all good things are in Belgium, we finished our 19km walk with a beer.


If you are interested in hiking in the Ardennes, please check out their website. You can find all sorts of places for hiking as well as cycling, kayaking and exploring.

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