Jamie’s Bombay Chicken (sort of)

I just can’t help myself these days can I? Faced with the eternal question – what to have for dinner – and in a desperate bid not to have to decide, I *perhaps stupidly* asked James to pick anything he wanted and I would make it.

I quickly regretted the idea when I saw him grab Jamie Oliver’s recipe book Everyday Super Food.

To think this time last year, I couldn’t even boil an egg successfully and I nearly always overcooked or undercooked – the latter wasn’t so pretty.

Not afraid of a challenge, I popped to our local shops and found almost everything. Well not the numeric, the black mustard seeds or the poppadoms.


Instead I added a few little things to the recipe, bits from the fridge that needed to be used – some courgette and baby asparagus.


I was rather confused as to whether the spinach was to be left raw or steamed. So I did half and half, which I think worked rather well as you had the crunch of the raw spinach but warmth of the cooked.


The recipe advises you to make the marinade and pour it into the oven dish containing the chicken. Despite the missing numeric and black mustard seeds – the marinade was absolutely delicious and very flavourful. It kind of solidifies during the cooking process – so you won’t have a runny dish. I reckon you could also use it on a nice white fish if you wanted to make the meal vegetarian.


The favourite part of the dish for me is the delicious yogurt sauce.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any poppadoms last minute here in Brussels so I purchased some prawn crackers instead. I thought they went rather well. The yogurt was also very nice on the vegetables.

I can imagine though that the sauce and the poppadoms taste very good with the chicken dish.



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