Fils de Jules

There are only a few restaurants left on Rue du Page that I haven’t eaten at. As a creature of habit I find myself returning to the ones I know, trust and love rather than visiting the ones I desperately want to try.

Picking a restaurant last minute in Chatelain on a Wednesday is not easy. It’s market day which means – especially when the sun has been shinning bright – the place is packed and the restaurants are all reserved.

I was however able to get a table on the terrace at Fils de Jules – to enjoy what was possibly one of the last warm summer evenings.

It’s a great little corner spot where you can sit outside and watch everyone walk up, down and around.

The menu centres around delicious meat and fish dishes, but we tried something a little different. The tapas menu. Rather than pick one or two each, we selected all ten dishes (for a set price). The perfect choice –  a little bit of this and a little of that.

We also selected the house red and I must recommend it as a smooth light wine if you fancy a visit.

Before the main event, we were given some toasty brown bread with a scrumtiously salty garlic olive oil, to awaken our taste buds.


The Main Event.

Beef brochettes with roasted tomatoes.

Crab-stuffed red pepper.

Mushroom risotto.

Garlic grilled King prawns.


Succulent duck.

Ratatouille – with egg – inspired.

Tuna tartare.


Variety of Spanish cheeses.


The photos are pretty crappy as taken on my iPhone.

Shared between three it was the perfect portion size for a light dinner but we couldn’t help but order an extra portion of the duck – it was just so – mmm.

I would definitely go back, and as I have declared many a time – because I am a creature of habit – I’d definitely order this again.

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