I don’t think I’ve ventured to the Sablon district of Brussels on the blog before – it’s rather fancy – the V shaped square is bordered in cafes with outward facing chairs for a supreme people watching experience – à la Paris and topped with the exquisite Sablon church.

Walking around Brussels with mum recently, the sun was shinning and we could not resist the lure of the sun-soaked terrace at POP-UP SABLON. The perfect lunch spot.

Source: http://www.popupsablon.be

We were quickly handed menus and ordered an obligatory afternoon mummy & daughter glass of champagne – we were in Sablon after all *can always find an excuse*.

Mum opted for a delicious roasted vegetable loaded pasta – the portion was enough for two but scrummy enough that greedy eyes would devour instantaneously.


I ordered a rather Belgian classic – Meatballs & Belgian frites.

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. So I make my stomach bigger.


Proper Belgian frites they were – served in “newspaper” and with the delicious Belgian mayo. A must have for anyone visiting the city for the first time. I’m telling you, you’ll quickly forget anyone ever said that fries are French.


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