Lean in 15 Fail

Our friend rants and raves about Mr Lean in 15 and has made some pretty tasty dishes from his collection of books.

Inspired, we attempted to make his sweet potato fritters.

The slight issue was that I looked up two different recipes from Mr Lean in 15 so I adapted the ingredients a little.

Simply chop up one large white onion and one green pepper. Grate 240g of sweet potato. Slightly fry the onion and pepper then add to the sweet potato in a large mixing bowl with some coriander and half a teaspoon of cumin. Add two eggs whites and some plain flour. Mix together. Mould and chuck in the frying pan for approx 4 mins each side.





The only slight is was, mine didn’t really bind.



Nothing a ramekin can’t fix.


Served with steamed spinach and steak. Perfect lean weeknight treat. A Lean in 15 Fail but it tasted much better than it looked.

Ok I confess, I snuck some parmesan into the mixture when it failed to bind.

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