Kip Kot

After around 8 months of waiting, a letter finally arrived from my Commune inviting me to attend its office following my several visits in January this year.

Hoorah – I thought – my ID must be ready.

On Wednesdays, the Commune is open from 2pm to 4pm however, as I recalled from back in January if you get there around 1.30pm they open the doors and you can secure yourself first place – or in my case second place. I was very chuffed when people started swarming in. There were around 40 people waiting when I left, I checked the ticket machine *I know, lame*.

In anticipation of being on time, I headed up towards the Commune early to have lunch at a nearby spot – Place St.Boniface.

A beautiful square showered in restaurants – with a little architecture and sunshine too.

Place St.Boniface is a great spot to catch a drink or food any time of the day. It’s vibrant and always busy. Plus you can choose from a wide variety of cuisines.

I recently popped by for a coffee with friends and noted KipKot – kind of like a fancy Nandos – and I was keen to try on my little solo adventure.


In an effort to be a little conservative at lunch, I opted for the formule lunch with maïs grillé (grilled sweetcorn) as my “accompagnement” and ketchup maison my “sauce au choix”.


Note though, the give you some of the hot homemade chilli sauce with your dish so I wish I had chosen a non-tomato based sauce.

Lunch was certainly more satisfactory than my trip to the Commune. Whilst I was second in line, I found out that my trips to the  Commune are not over yet. I was kindly told that I have been accepted as a citizen but now I have to apply for my card. Hopefully, next month it will all be over.

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